Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Millimetre: "Summer Fumes" New Single & Album News

After a 2 year silence, Millimetre comes back out of its hiding place with a new single and album. Inspired by the woozy, heavy London summer air, "Summer Fumes" is a hyperventilating prayer to the subtle invasions of nature in one of the most urbanised regions of the world. The song is composed of Terence McGaughey's vocal glossolalia and chthonian basso, a little ebow guitar and a Korg Monotribe pulsing out the nerve-endings-as-beats. Electronic musician Alex Mein Smith provides a shuffling, itchy-scratchy remix which takes the vocals and turns them inside out. Then the 'Ambient' remix strips everything down to the bare elements - vocals, breathing, sub-bass with no apparent source, weird uncanny textures. The second new song is called "Poppies" and is about just that -- a huge field of crimson poppies and every uncanny association that comes with them. Once again, as with "Summer Fumes" and the forthcoming album Discreet Cathexis, the song is composed almost fully of vocals and vocal noises. The single will be a download-only release available through State51/Greedbag and proceeds the new Millimetre album, more of which later.

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